We are Stryber.

We help our clients to execute on digital growth – from the first discussion in the board to the execution of M&A, corporate ventures or building a digital business unit. We believe that business must change and our mission is to help companies unleashing their digital potential. Therefore Stryber means strategy in a digital world.

Top management consulting methods from the corporate world

We provide our customers with structured analyses and clear decision making support using our proven frameworks. We make to-the-point statements and tell you how things are. No bullshitting.

Digital methods from Silicon Valley

In everything we do, we are madly focused on consumers, users, products, markets and execution. We use quick, iterative Business Development methods all the way to the product-market fit, rapid growth and the operational implementation.

We know what we do

We are a team of experienced startup founders, strategy consultants and industry managers. We have extensive expertise in Telecommunication, Digital Media, Digital Advertising, FinTech, and Travel & Tourism. We understand the challenges your company is facing, we know how to structure the strategic discussion on your board and we know digital business from the inside. Bring all of it together and we realize digital growth with you.

How we work



We deeply believe that you need a good strategic base to start with. Either you provide us with a sound strategy at the outset or we develop one together with you; we're strategy consultants after all.



Everything that matters now is speed. It's very simple: Either the strategy works. Or it doesn't. Better find out quickly and cheaply. That's why we live and breathe the lean business development methodology.



Inherent to our methodology is that you do find a model that works (because otherwise we would have stopped and/or pivoted long ago). So now is the time to scale.

Our Values


At Stryber, we’re not satisfied with a nice powerpoint presentation and a lot of number crunching. We do that, too, because we believe it’s the prerequisite to make the right decisions. But then we make things actually happen.


At Stryber we know the corporate world from the inside and we don’t want to be part of it. We actually want to change it. That’s why we work like a startup, why we work with clients in a startup-way and why we work a lot with startups, including our own.


At Stryber, we’re honest guys.
If you consider hiring or joing us, also consider whether or not you want to hear the truth (the real truth, we’re not good with the alternative one). If you need some study to cover your ass, please go to an incumbent Strategy Consultancy of your choice.


At Stryber, we want to have fun.
This is life, after all.

Who we are

Stryber is a team of top management consultants, startup founders and corporate managers.




Alex has extensive experience from multiple sides of the table: strategy consulting, corporate strategy, M&A, and startups.




Jan is an experienced senior manager, consultant and entrepreneur. FinTech, Travel & Tourism and E-Commerce are his fields of expertise.



Very Smart Consultant

Felix is a trilingual Master in Management graduate with experience in strategy consulting, industry and private equity.


Chief Product Officer

Stefan is an experienced product manager in fast-growing start-up environments and a passionate creator of new digital business models and platforms.



Business Analyst

Simon is a computer sciences specialist. He is also a member of the board at University of Augsburg’s student consulting team.



Business Analyst

Markus is a strategy specialist. He is also a member of the board at University of Augsburg’s student consulting team.


Venture Builder

Amran has a Master’s-level law degree and is passionate for e-commerce, especially in the fashion sector where he built up his first venture in Brazil.


Business Analyst

Tom comes with an interdisciplinary background and enthusiasm for products. He collected expertise in several start-ups, ready to be applied in the digital business landscape.


Digital Enthusiast



Want to join the team?

We’re looking for smart, ambitious, digital minded people!

Multiple positions are open – please check out the “Join us” section:

Join us now!


For clients

  • We get things done.
  • We truly understand digital – all partners and project managers have top tier consulting background and extensive digital experience. They have launched startups or signed responsible for a digital unit or product – often, all of the above.
  • Since we all have worked in top consultancies before, we still do have dark suits in our cupboards – if required. However, we typically blend much better into your team and we are hands-on guys, who are easy to work with.
  • We do not have fancy offices: We work from innovation centers, co-working spaces and our clients’ offices. One of many factors that allows us to have a very lean cost structure – and very different ideas.
  • We can provide you with the best expertise: We staff a project with Stryber core team members and with Independent Professionals from our network (which is the preferred way to work for some of the best profiles in the market). This will provide you with a tailor-made team and the very best profiles for your needs.
  • We advise clients on growth topics based on our industry and startup experience.
  • However we do so in a strategic way that maximizes chances of success and impact for our clients. We don’t just play around. We do so with a plan.
  • For that reason we have developed our own methodology for company building, the “Stryber Lean Startup Process”, which is a more strategic version of the famous lean startup method.
  • Please get in touch to learn more about our unique approach.
  • Market entry / go-to-market strategy for a telecommunication group entering digital advertising
  • Business development for a telecommunication group resulting in a new joint venture
  • Digital transformation of a private bank
  • Product portfolio strategy in a post merger situation for online directory businesses
  • Product launch / go-to-market concept for a new digital product
  • Corporate strategy process moderation and support for tech companies
  • Commercial due diligences for digital business / e-commerce companies (buy-side)

and many more. We are happy to provide you with further details upon request.

  • We are not a marketplace. We rather consider ourselves as curators: We employ carefully selected internal and external resources to ensure the best set-up for each project or interim management assignment.
  • You can count on us end-to-end. Even if independent professionals are involved, our delivery model includes a Stryber partner who discusses the ideal project plan with you, provides guidance on each case while it is being delivered and who takes accountability for your satisfaction.
We are not a freelance network, at least not one that anyone can join: We are sharply focused on digital growth topics, we consequently built our expertise around it and we only work with the very best profiles in this area.
  • We always deliver maximum value in our projects. However, because we are super lean ourselves, our rates are typically below the ones of traditional strategy consulting firms. Notably, this is for comparable profiles which on top have real digital and management experience. We don’t have the wet-behind-the-ears consulting in-breeds that big strategy firms will typically put on your assignments.
  • Most notably, we are cheaper because we don’t think we need to roll in with an army of consultants, put your headquarter under siege and leave after 3 months leaving nothing but Powerpoint slides behind. We work much more focused on the subjects and areas where we can really make an impact.
  • Therefore, not only are we cheaper; we also know how strategies are made to work!
  • Simply contact us to informally discuss your plans and so that we can provide you with a customized proposal.

For candidates (permanent roles)

  • Stryber is a team of top management consultants with industry and startup experience.
  • We are building two teams:
    • Strategy consulting – we help our clients to explore growth opportunities (in most instances, this means digital). We shape the first board discussions, develop concepts, design go-to-market approaches, test & verify business opportunities, and support in subsequent execution and transformation. In this team you can apply and develop your strategy consulting skill set and gain in-depth insights in our clients’ industries and business models.
    • Business building – for our clients, or on our own account, we build startups. Working in this team puts you in touch with many different disciplines, i.e. product management, marketing, finance, and engineering. You will have the opportunity take on responsibility for a startup project end-to-end and/or to become an expert in one specific industry or discipline.
  • In both teams Stryber provides fast career tracks – your performance counts, no tenure is pre-defined. However, the career steps follow a structured development path:
    • Strategy consulting – depending on your previous experience, you will enter as Junior Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Principal or Partner.
    • Business building – you will enter as a Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) and develop a startup project in-house until it is ready to be carved out. Once it becomes stand-alone company, you can take on a C-level role. Further team members will be recruited as needed.
  • For our strategy consulting team we are looking for talented, top-performing people who want to help us to create new, result-driven consulting methods for a digital world. Depending on different hierarchy levels, you should have either a top strategy consulting or a digital background – ideally both.
  • Working in our business building team requires some digital experience – either in product management, marketing or engineering. Ideally, you have already launched a startup yourself (failures are welcome – this way you know already how not to do it ;).
  • We expect the right mix of passion, drive, analytical skills and “getting shit done” attitude.
  • Due to our current market focus, proficiency in English and German is a must.
  • At Stryber you will work in a highly dynamic environment with a very clear goal and basic structures. However, whether joining our strategy consulting or our business building team, you will be able to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. Stryber is a young and growing company with many opportunities – it is on us to make it happen.
  • We are data-driven, analytic and apply best-in-class methods in everything we do. Along the way, we will create new methods and insights beneficial to our clients and startups. We are hands-on, deliver solid work, delight our clients, and maximize impact.
  • We believe top profiles deserve top rewards. Hence, Stryber always provides a very competitive compensation package. Depending on your role this is a combination of salary and equity.
  • Stryber is committed to provide a flexible, fun and family-friendly working environment.