We leverage





to build impactful

to build impactful

We leverage

We are Stryber.

Our client projects have a strategy and realization component – end-to-end execution on both is our “secret sauce” for corporate venture building

Top management consulting methods from the corporate world

We provide our customers with structured analyses and clear decision making support using our proven frameworks. We make to-the-point statements and tell you how things are. No bullshitting.


Digital start-up methods from Silicon Valley

In everything we do, we are madly focused on consumers, users, products, markets and execution. We use quick, iterative Business Development methods all the way to the product-market fit, rapid growth and the operational implementation.

Our strategy services

Corporate strategy in a digitization context
Structured topic identification (data-driven, workshops)
Product- and go-to-market strategies
Portfolio audit & strategy alignment
Target screening & ecosystem deep dive
Support M&A (commercial due diligence)

Our execution services

Launch of a digital unit
Launch of startups
Launch of products
Interims-management of C/VP-level positions
Asset development / recovery
Ecosystem development

Our venture building approach is strategy- and data-driven and follows a structured process



We deeply believe that you need a good strategic base to start with. Either you provide us with a sound strategy at the outset or we develop one together with you; we're strategy consultants after all.



Everything that matters now is speed. It's very simple: Either the strategy works. Or it doesn't. Better find out quickly and cheaply. That's why we live and breathe the lean business development methodology.



Inherent to our methodology is that you do find a model that works (because otherwise we would have stopped and/or pivoted long ago). So now is the time to scale.

We know what we do

We are a team of experienced startup founders, strategy consultants and industry managers. We have extensive expertise in Telecommunication, Digital Media, Digital Advertising, FinTech, and Travel & Tourism.

We know the corporate world from the inside and we don’t want to be part of it. We actually want to change it. That’s why we work like a startup, why we work with clients in a startup-way and why we work a lot with startups, including our own.

We understand the challenges your company is facing, we know how to structure the strategic discussion on your board and we know digital business from the inside. Bring all of it together and we realize digital growth with you.

If you consider hiring or joining us, also consider whether or not you want to hear the truth (the real truth, we’re not good with the alternative one). If you need some study to cover your ass, please go to an incumbent Strategy Consultancy of your choice. #nobullshit