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Aspects of digitization: Systems & process transformation

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Progress in becoming more digital is most easily achieved by automating existing processes or products, may be mixed in with some UX improvements that come in handy along the way. But there is usually a clear cut business case for cost reduction behind those initiatives with a quick and easy to calculate return of investment.

This explains why “digitization” today is – a bit unfortunate – most commonly used as a synonym for some sort of systems/IT transformation.

In a fully digital organization, systems are designed to accommodate experimentation and aim for high performance and scalability. This requires that all core services can be accessed by external or new applications via API.

In such an organization, everything that can be automated, is automated.

Examples: Warehouse robots, most artificial intelligence applications (e.g. AI eliminating 80% of time and cost from insurances claim’s handling process), web-to-print automation.

Read more about other aspects of digitization in our comprehensive DIGITIZATION FRAMEWORK.

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