Make business great again

Make Business great again!

We believe that business must change and our mission is to help companies unleashing their digital potential. Stryber means strategy in a digital world.
We are:
100% Trump-free
At Stryber we offer you a highly inspiring work environment in the middle of Europe – entirely free of Donald Trump.

Furthermore we offer:[page_container] [one_third]

Maximum flexibility

At Stryber, we want you to work on what you love and in the way you love to. For us, it’s only the results that count (and we really mean that). We will give you all the freedom you need to perform at your best. However, that requires maturity and the capacity to deal with those degrees of freedom.[/one_third][one_third]

Make an impact

At Stryber, we’re not satisfied with a nice powerpoint presentation and a lot of number crunching. We do that, too, because we believe it’s the prerequisite to make the right decisions. But then we make things actually happen.[/one_third][one_third_last]

Work with startups

At Stryber we know the corporate world from the inside and we don’t want to be part of it. We actually want to change it. That’s why we work like a startup, why we work with clients in a startup-way and why we work a lot with startups, including our owns.[/one_third_last][/page_container]

After all, we are a highly professional, highly motivated team, which enjoys working in a very entrepreneurial way and we are looking for people just like us.
We provide them with interesting strategic projects, actionable interim management assignments or even a startup all on their own!


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