Our venture building approach is strategic, data-driven, and follows a structured process:

From idea to first customer in 3 months

1. Strategy Stage

a) Setting clear objectives on Day 1 with the Exec team and Board of Directors, aligning with the company’s long term strategy.
b) Defining appropriate sectors and strategic filters together (target verticals, geography, customer segments, and business models).
c) Diving into an analysis of each relevant sector and forming a comprehensive investment thesis based on relevant market signals.
d) Analyzing large datasets
of related startups and, together with domain experts, delivering a shortlist of high-potential ventures.

2. Seed Stage

For every selected venture, we identify the core hypotheses and start testing the riskiest assumptions first. We use a lean but otherwise method-agnostic approach to quickly generate the most crucial learnings. Ventures often start as simple prototypes and develop into MVPs serving hundreds of customers. If the venture can prove high customer satisfaction and a positive outlook on the economics, we move it to the Growth Stage — otherwise, we kill it.

3. Growth Stage

Now it’s time to scale. The focus lies on 2 aspects:
a) Identifying a feasible business model (positive unit economics), and increase your confidence in its scalability.
b) Ramping up dedicated structures (founding team, legal entity, etc) and appropriate processes and tools (HR, controlling).