Values we believe in 

Passionate entrepreneurship


Being passionate entrepreneurs means that we get satisfaction from creating things that have an impact. For us as a company it means that we cherish ideas and foster initiatives that bring us further. In the end, being an entrepreneur always means having a laser-sharp focus on one thing: Creating value – first for users and customers – which will eventually always create value for our clients, investors, and for ourselves. If something doesn’t add value, don’t do it.

Best argument counts


It’s pretty simple: We’re a fact-based company. Facts are direct enemies of gut feeling/intuition. The reason is simple: facts are the only way to make good decisions. Be aware that “facts” ≠ “figures”. Figures (data) are there to prove a fact, but reliable figures are not often available. If you only go for figures that you can grab hold of, you fall victim to availability-bias. Therefore, it’s very important that we allow for discussions where the facts have yet to emerge. Not being stubborn but rather being open at any time to better arguments is a prerequisite for this.

Respectful honesty


This is how we collaborate with each other: We are extremely honest WHILE being respectful. That’s the only way that we can work and improve. We deserve each other’s honesty, because we want to achieve excellence. Being dishonest by playing politics means we’re doomed. We deserve each other’s respect as fellow human beings, and we must account for each other’s feelings because we all want to feel good while working.

Learning and growing


Whatever we do, it must bring us further and therefore it must improve us and we must improve it. This is why we are both committed to our development as a company so we can explore ever new fields and technologies as well as to the development of our people, who can grow within our company. The important thing to always consider is the alignment of interest: As long as Stryber grows, we’re all growing. This is exactly what we want to achieve.

One team


A venture team is a startup team, and at Stryber, we are one team of startups. Working together across three different locations and countries lives in our DNA, and we simply cannot afford to have friction between our teams. To make this work, simple truths about human collaboration such as transparent communication, respect, humility, and a willingness to help become extremely important. It goes without saying that the interests of the team must be more important than those of any individual or sub-group. Any kind of diverging interests would tear us apart.



At the core of what we do, we want to be better than anyone else in the world. This requires total commitment to the highest professional standards to which we must live up to every day. If we don’t agree on this benchmark, Stryborgs can’t rely on one other to build great products that people really love. “Getting shit done” should neither be confused with perfectionism, where nothing gets ever done, nor with simply “doing shit”.