Launch your product within 3 months

When should you Build & Launch

I have a validated business idea that requires a product

I lack the internal resources to develop and launch a new product

I've had a great project up my sleeve for a long time and want to get it to market quickly and without internal hurdles

Build an MVP

It’s time to bring your new product or service to the market.

Your vision is finally turned into a unique value proposition with a minimum set of features, landing page, lean branding, smooth UX/UI, commercial story, and state-of-the art technology.

Matterhorn Design System

We use our own open-source Matterhorn design system to be able to launch your MVP super fast.

Our inclusive design system can be used to build products accessible to everyone regardless of age, disability or other factors.

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Lean Tech Set-Up

Our tech teams work with state-of-the-art frontend and backend frameworks and build an architecture that can scale with the future growth of the startup.

Depending on the use case we are also big advocates of No-Code and Low-Code solutions for MVP releases.

Read more about it in our Insights page


MVP Scope


Tech Stack

Product Design


SCRUM & Agile


Tech Development

Acquisition Strategy & Funnel

Quality Assurance

Content & Storytelling

Go-to market / Launch strategy

Beta Test

Setup Operations

Digital business models only appear fully digital to the end customer. We ensure solid back office and customer support processes are in place from day 1, and find a reliable supplier when needed.

Internal test runs ensure that we are ready for the expected customer queries when we launch and that we can deliver the quality we promise to customers.



Supply Chain

Customer Support

Back Office Work

Physical Product Sourcing

Physical Product Production

Concierge Service



Order Management

Build Traction

Now it counts, your startup needs to win first customers.

No matter if your corporate startup has a B2B or B2C business model, our growth hacking experts find strategies and channels to acquire as many users or customers as possible while spending as little as possible.

At this stage, we leverage assets from your organization where applicable. This could mean rolling out the product to parts of your existing customer base or using in-house infrastructure.

Our startup appreciates every advantage they can get to validate its business case quickly.


Growth Hacking


A/B Test

Data Analytics

Performance Marketing

User Feedback


Business Development

Achieve Product-Market Fit

We validate our hypotheses with real customer data and finetune the business model, marketing efforts, and product.

Based on our learnings and insights from customer feedback and data we constantly iterate our offering. We run continuous development cycles to design, build, validate, and release new product versions.

Should our solution turn out to be not successful in the market, we pivot the business model, or, we kill the venture and focus our attention on the next idea.

Results within 4-16 weeks

A rock solid tech product

Product-market fit with solid customer base or invalidated business case

Clarity on unit economics at scale and further funding needs

Next stepPivot

Why is your current project not succeeding?

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