Organizations are designed to operate the present forward and create operational efficiency.

Are you and your colleagues or employees at the beginning of your innovation journey?

The workshop content is tailored to your needs, such as:

Types of corporate innovation

Present forwards vs. future backwards

Measuring the corporate innovation gap

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Find answers

How big is your corporate innovation gap and how can it be closed?

What are your core corporate innovation areas?

Where should you invest, and why?

Is venture building right for your organization?

How can you execute your strategy?

What governance do you need in the organization?

How does a portfolio of startups de-risk your innovation efforts?

Our Frameworks

First, we measure the current innovation gap.

Innovation gap analysis

Visualize your organization’s financial gap that innovation must close and what investment is required.

then strategize on how to fill the gap using various approaches

Investment Thesis

Identify areas you should focus your investment efforts on

and execute better than anyone else

Governance framework

Define how to run your innovation unit successfully.


Why is governance of such crucial importance for growth?
Because new business is fundamentally different to your core business.
We can help you set up an autonomous innovation driven business unit with the right governance in place.
Thus, new business (the "garden") must grow separately from the incumbent (the "forest") and be protected.

Our Resources

Stryber Analytics

We have developed our own market analysis tool to screen for startups in particular industries worldwide and rank those signals based on proprietary scoring metrics.

Learn more about our Analytics tool

Innovation gap calculator

We have developed a tool to estimate your innovation gap in minutes, online and for free

Calculate your organizations's innovation gap online

Diversification Study

Learn how innovation can drive your organization’s shareholder value

Check out our diversification study

Results within 4-8 weeks

Clarity on the innovation effort your organization needs in the next 5 years

A strong investment thesis and initial shortlist of ideas

A governance that protects your innovation activities from corporate influences

Next stepValidate

Use a data-driven approach to discover problems to solve and explore potential solutions.

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  • Find innovation opportunities
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