Through venture studio building we enable you to build the process and capabilities towards a

capital-efficient portfolio of ventures.

Studio building

We build the process behind continious innovation, equip you with the right venture development process & expert teams.



Establish your venture studio

and de-risk by spreading your bets

Our Approach

To become future-proof, organisations must build new, innovative business models that deliver substantial growth. Venture building needs to be a continuous process of building and scaling portfolios of ventures, year in and year out.
To do that, organisations need dedicated venture studio units that can build many new ventures every year. At Stryber, we help organisations build these venture studio units following a build-operate-transfer approach. We have successfully partnered with organisations such as Migros to build venture studio Sparrow Ventures, and ADQ to build Further Ventures.



Stryber will cover the management and operations of your nascent venture studio. The priorities for this first phase are to establish first venture success cases to prove the validity of the venture studio model to all stakeholders and to define and implement the operating model for the venture studio (including governance, decision-making and the broader venture building process). This phase will usually be driven exclusively by Stryber team members, which will be dedicated to work for your venture studio.



In this phase, we will focus on continuing to operate the Venture Studio, creating further batches of ventures. We will also start to hire dedicated team members for your venture studio. These new team members will first work alongside Stryber team members to learn about the methodology and processes, and later replace Stryber team members and build ventures in their roles independently.



Stryber management and venture operations resources will phase out at this stage. We will hand over the management and operations of the venture studio to your venture studio team. Stryber might continue to support and advise your teams on strategic matters for a certain time.



Your venture studio unit is now completely independent without needing external help. The teams are hired and trained in the methodology of early-stage venture building. They can deliver for your organisation for years to come.

Venture studio building benefits

You will have an engine for venture building and growth, focusing on building revenue streams adjacent to your core business.
You will gain a much better understanding of where your industry is moving and be able to apply learnings from the venture studio to the management of your core business.
You will build up in-house startup and venturing capabilities - Highly priced capabilities that can shape the organisation beyond the venture studio unit.

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