Use a data-driven approach to discover problems to solve and explore potential solutions.

When should you validate?

You want to explore the market potential of a business idea

You want to find new areas of growth for your organization

You want to reduce the risk of launching a product that the market does not want or need

Validate Idea

In our 1-week topic validation sprint we yield lots of data points to increase the confidence level of an idea.

Full consideration and evaluation of the business model

Formulation of hypotheses relevant to the business model and initial evaluation

Detailed, financial view at the customer level as well as market potential

Our Toolkit

Hypothesis Log

Lean Canvas

Unit Economics

Business Model

Market Sizing

User Interviews

User Surveys

Competitor Analysis

Diversification Study

Learn how innovation can drive your organization’s shareholder value

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Users don't tell you the solution they need. Our toolset of problem framing and ideation techniques will help you to craft potential solutions and collect initial responses.

Our Toolkit

Jobs to be done

Assumption Mapping

User personas

Design Sprints


Value Propositions

Lo-Fidelity Prototypes

Problem-Solution Trees

Focus Groups

User Observations

User Interviews

Prototype & Test

Through prototyping, you can quickly reduce the uncertainty of building a product nobody wants.

Is the product usable, and does it effectively address the problems identified?

Product UX Validation

Is the product highly valuable to the user, and is the user willing to pay for it?

Product Desirability Validation

Is there enough market demand for the product?

Market Demand Validation

Our Toolkit

Concierge MVPs

High-fidelity prototypes

Smoke Tests

Letters of Intent


Wizard of Oz test


Product Surveys

Usability Testing


Results within 2-4 weeks

Deep problem & market understanding

Solution visualization

Value proposition

Next stepBuild & Launch

Launch your product within 3 months.

Curious how your organization can innovate with us?

  • 20 minutes of our time
  • innovation introduction
  • find the right opportunities
  • business model feedback from an expert
  • discuss collaboration

Sebastian Drescher

Associate Partner