Digital Animal

3-minute test: How digital is your company?

Team Stryber Study

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Are you a digital dinosaur? Determine what kind of digital animal your organization is.
To visualize digital maturity we are mapping the results to an animal in the lineage of the birds; from the first dinosaur ancestors up to the sparrows, the most adaptive living species of birds.
We will use the data generated through this test for a study which will be published in the form of anonymized statistics. All submissions remain completely anonymous.


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1.Is there systematic customer feedback collection at every customer touchpoint (e.g. Sales, Support, etc.)? *
2.Does your organization systematically encourage risky experiments and tolerate failure accordingly (vs. punish mistakes)? *
3.Do you systematically use customer economics (e.g. Customer Lifetime Value) for evaluating and measuring new products? *
4.Do you usually achieve a time to market with a new product of under 6 months from idea to MVP market test? *
5.Does your organization invest significantly in R&D (e.g. >10% of revenues or one third of EBIT)? *
6.Do your core IT systems systematically allow connecting new or external services via APIs? *
7.Do you systematically speak with real customers in the very early stage of developing a new product or service? (e.g. in the first week of developing a concept) *
8.Which share of your revenues stems from digital products or is acquired over digital channels? *
9.Do you partner with technology universities or technology research institutes (e.g. ETH, MIT)? *
10.Does your IT systematically allow ongoing software releases and reprioritization of the development pipeline (e.g. through SCRUM)? *
11.Have you already widely automized formerly manual processes (e.g. all repetitive and labour intensive processes are done entirely or partly by robots or software)? *
12.Do you have flat hierarchies in your organization (i.e. employees can approach whoever can help them the most with a problem directly, no matter what department or hierarchy he/she is in)? *
13.Are new business models held in a separate reporting line from existing business until they are mature (e.g. in a dedicated digital business unit where the legacy business is NOT allowed to directly determine the priorities or operations of digital products)? *
14.Is the internal and external reporting focused on the achievement of the vision or long term goals (vs. short term revenue/profit)? *
15.Is everyone in your organization obsessed with customer data and feedback (i.e. constantly collecting, interpreting and acting upon it)? *

Headquarter of your unit (in a large organization e.g. the division), not the parent company.

E.g. company & division name. We will NOT publish any results unless we can guarantee the results are both anonymous and statistically significant.

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