Hire the right people for the right roles with the right guardrails

When should you Hire & Grow?

Your innovation projects show signs of success

Speed is crucial for the success of your startup

If you need a dedicated team to be able to achieve your innovation goals

Repeat Initial Success

In case your organization has already scaled a venture you want to build their next one and do so repeatedly.

To do so you need to establish an Autonomous Innovation Driven Business Unit with a strong governance in place.

We can put guardrails in place and set it up.

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Hire & Incentivize Talent

To turn your corporate startup into a successful organization that eventually creates a significant contribution to your organization’s bottom line, you need to bring in strong leaders with an ambitious vision and incentivize them to ensure long-term success.

Our Talent Hub unit finds the right talent for founder and executive positions as well as any operational support roles needed.

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Grow Business

Wachstum bringt neue Herausforderungen mit sich. Begrenzte Ressourcen hindern Ihr Unternehmen daran, vielversprechende Wachstumsprojekte in Angriff zu nehmen. Für neue Aufgaben sind oft Spezialisten erforderlich.

Auf dem heutigen wettbewerbsintensiven Markt für Start-ups und "Winner-takes-it-all"-Märkten, ist Geschwindigkeit jedoch entscheidend.

Hier kommen wir ins Spiel. Unsere Teams arbeiten nahtlos mit Ihrem Start-up zusammen, um Ihnen den temporären Boost zu geben, den Sie brauchen:


Strategy revision and unit economics adjustments


Sales, marketing, and further funding initiatives

Tech & Product

Development of new products

Expected Results

Executive team and incentivization in place to ensure long-term success

Growth opportunities exploited despite resource shortage

Executive team and incentivization in place to ensure long-term success

Curious how your organization can innovate with us?

  • 20 minutes of our time
  • innovation introduction
  • find the right opportunities
  • business model feedback from an expert
  • discuss collaboration

Jan Sedlacek

Founder and Managing Partner