When should you hire & grow?

Your innovation projects show signs of success.

You identify speed as a crucial success factor for your startup.

You require a dedicated team to be able to achieve your innovation goals.

Repeat initial success

If your organization has already scaled a venture and you want to continue building more.

To do so you need to establish an autonomous innovation driven business unit with strong governance in place.

We can put guardrails in place and set it up.

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Hire & incentivize talent

To ensure your corporate startup significantly contributes to your organization’s bottom line, you need to bring in strong, ambitious leaders who are incentivised for long-term success.

Our expert talent hub unit finds the right skilled professionals for founder and executive positions, as well as any operational support roles needed.

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Business growth

Growth brings a range of new challenges and promising projects, but limited resources can leave your company unprepared to tackle them. 

Waiting too long to strike is lethal in today's competitive start-up and winner-takes-it-all markets.

That's where we come in. Our teams work seamlessly with your startup to give you the temporary boost you need when you need it:


Strategy revision and unit economics adjustments


Sales, marketing, and further funding initiatives

Tech & Product

Development of new products

Expected results

Executive team and incentivization plan in place to ensure long-term success.

Growth opportunities exploited despite resource shortage.

Autonomous innovation established to secure repeat success.

Curious how your organization can innovate with us?

  • 20 minutes of our time
  • innovation introduction
  • find the right opportunities
  • business model feedback from an expert
  • discuss collaboration

Jan Sedlacek

Founder and Managing Partner