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Our own Analytics, Innovation Gap calculator, Design System, and research studies to help you boost your innovation initiatives.

Our toolkit

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Matterhorn Design System

Our open-source design system consists of React and React Native design components for web and mobile applications.

Stryber Analytics

We have developed our own market analysis tool to screen for startups in particular industries worldwide and rank those signals based on proprietary scoring metrics.

Innovation gap calculator

We have developed a tool to estimate your innovation gap in minutes, online and for free

Diversification Study

Learn how innovation can drive your organization’s shareholder value

Our Insights

Venture Building Product Management - March 25 - 2min

Peter Jegede: Stay curious and get comfortable with ambiguity

Peter Jegede shares about the daily life and challenges while building Ventures, how to stay curious, and what the business might look like in 3 years.

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Innovation Disruption Digitization Digital transformation - February 11 - 8min

The danger of economic disruption in Germany

Ben Shaw explains that German companies are by no means immune to disruption in the long term and should address innovation before it is too late

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Stryborgs Venture Building - February 4 - 5min

Christina Sier: Finding the best talent is definitely not a gut feeling

Christina is the Lead Talent Acquisition Manager at Stryber. Read how she managed the growth from 20 to over 100 people joining Stryber within the last 2 years

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