Typically, corporate innovation fails.
With Stryber it no longer does.

How does corporate innovation succeed?

Sufficient autonomy

Too often, building new business needs the sign-off or sponsoring from the mothership down to the smallest investment decisions. Transformational innovation and experimentation requires autonomy and the right governance.

Strategic alignment

Many projects and initiatives are stopped because goals weren’t clearly defined or sufficiently backed up by the strategic agenda and key stakeholders. Initial strategic considerations that are aligned with the mothership are vital for success.

Right metrics to track success

Profitability is not the right metric for measuring the success of innovation in the short run (in the long run, it usually is though). Instead, venture capital metrics are needed to focus on a real problem to solve, a good team, an even better product, and early signs of traction.

Balance on the team

Staffing innovation departments with subject-matter-experts from the mothership is a common faux pas. Innovation requires cross-functional teams that can think along first principles.

Too often, building new business needs the sign-off or sponsoring from the mothership down to the smallest investment decisions. Transformational innovation and experimentation requires autonomy and the right governance.

Partner with us to avoid failures and become future-proof

Build new businesses that deliver substantial growth.

Armed with a capital-efficient portfolio approach, the right venture development process & blueprints, expert teams, and by leveraging corporate assets many reasons for innovation failure can be avoided, mitigated, or identified much earlier.


Corporate partners engaged


New business ideas


New businesses created


Incredible people staffed


Autonomous business units created


Million in business case value generated

New to the field of innovation?

Identify corporate innovation opportunities that are strategically relevant to your business and ensure the right governance from day 1.

You want to mitigate the risk of innovation failure?

Use a data-driven approach to discover problems that are strategically relevant for your organization, explore potential solutions and validate them fast.

You lack the resources to execute?

Let's build something meaningful with the help of cross-functional teams and generate first transactions. Validate your business model with live customer data and transactions and move forward, pivot, or kill it.

Your last few innovation attempts have failed?

We can help you avoid uncertainty and find your way back on track. Turn around unsuccessful digital initiatives in your organisation.

You lack the right people? You have the wrong structure to let innovation happen?

We are experts in finding talent, fixing your governance, and boosting your corporate startup.

Capture more value with contemporary innovation initiatives and vehicles.

Leverage our expertise along the entire innovation lifecycle.

We can help you to:

The need for innovation transcends industries

Wherever you are, change has never been faster and instead of playing catch up we can lead that change together.

Consumer Goods & Retail

eCommerce has already changed it's name to just "Commerce". Brick & Mortar stores have started breaking away more than a decade ago and while Amazon maintains it's foothold as one of the most valuable companies the world has ever seen, there's also a huge increase in personal preferences and tastes leading to D2C food and cosmetics startups like we've never seen before. Don't rest! Be part of this change.

Jan Sedlacek

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Financial Services & Insurance

Traditionally, huge balance sheets and intellectual capital targeted at smarter investment decisions puts banks and insurers at an advantage when it comes to digitisation. Yet there's very little movement from incumbents allowing new entrants such as Revolut, WeFox and N26 to amass huge amounts of value.

Julian Ritter

Associate Partner

Travel & Hospitality

It's cheaper than ever before to travel, though of course the impact of COVID-19 hasn't gone unnoticed. Large travel companies are requiring government aid or rely on their reinsurers to avoid bankruptcy while Airbnb goes public being worth more than the top three hotel chains combined. The desire for novel experiences and relaxation hasn't changed so if that is the industries' job to be done, they can do better than wait.

Sebastian Drescher

Associate Partner

Food & Agriculture

Digital offerings have a new role to play while players along the value chain of agriculture and food distribution are being put under pressure by performance and sustainability demands.

Rodney Younce

Associate Partner

Telecom, Media, & Technology

Alex Mahr

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Energy & Utilities

Dominic Mehr

Associate Partner

Industrials & Manufacturing

Sebastian Drescher

Associate Partner

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Ben Shaw

Associate Partner

Real Estate & Infrastructure

Rodney Younce

Associate Partner

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