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From the origination of an idea to the new business launch. We are the strategic growth partner for corporates. With our data-centric approach to innovation, we create the future backward strategy with our clients answering all those questions to find new growth.

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Ideas are good. Data is better. Strategy is king. The combination: unbeatable. Together, we let corporates grow. Finding strategic areas and market niches to develop solutions for current and future corporate innovation opportunities in global markets.


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Stryber and Bosch Innovation Consulting launch the Venture Beyond Innovation Program

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A selection of our Ventures


Zenmieter will change the way landlords rent and manage their apartments, enabling Landlords to rent out their apartments directly to us in no time and take away all the hassle of managing and renting a property - from new rentals to repair management.


Larapay focuses on the financial well-being of employees and is Germany's first App that offers employees flexible salary payments. At any time you can have a part of your already earned salary paid out during the month.


MyHomely is a “Rent-to-Buy” model enabling tenants to access the property ladder in Germany with a minimum household income and a 5% saving deposit. Choose your new home, move in, and progressively earn more equity while renting and keeping your flexibility.

Food Tech / Last Mile

Snäx offers an innovative smart fridge with daily fresh and healthy meals that employees can conveniently access and purchase through our mobile app. Snäx was developed with Zurich-based Migros group.

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