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Build the Future. Find new Growth. Create sustainable Impact.

New to the field of innovation?

Navigate through the field of innovation with us. Identify corporate innovation opportunities that are strategically relevant to your business and ensure the right governance from day 1.

Explore the field of innovation

Analyse your innovation gap

Establish your governance framework

Create your investment thesis and topic shortlist

You want to mitigate the risk of innovation failure?

Use a data-driven approach to discover problems that are strategically relevant for your organization, explore potential solutions and validate them fast.

Validate new business ideas

Gain deeper understanding of your identified problem

Ideate your 10x solution

Build & test your prototype

You lack the resources to execute?

Let's build something meaningful with the help of cross-functional teams and generate first transactions. Validate your business model with live customer data and transactions and move forward, pivot, or kill it.

Build your Minimum Viable Product

Have your last few innovation attempts failed?

We can help you avoid uncertainty and find your way back on track. Turn around unsuccessful digital initiatives in your organisation.

Run root cause analysis

Conduct product due diligence

Define strategic actions

Execute fast

Do you lack the right people? Do you have the wrong structure to let innovation happen?

We are experts in finding talent, fixing your governance, and boosting your corporate startup.

Boost your operational growth

Hire talent

Ensure right governance

Capture more value with contemporary innovation initiatives and vehicles.

Leverage our expertise along the entire innovation lifecycle:

Idea contests & Entrepreneurship

Innovation or Startup Lab

Innovation Funds & Corporate Venture Capital

Innovation Champion Networks

Venture-Client Accelerator

Bolt-On Acquisitions and ROFRs

Curious how your organization can innovate with us?

  • 20 Minutes of your time
  • Introduction
  • Find innovation opportunities
  • Get expert feedback
  • Discuss collaboration

Julian Ritter

Associate Partner