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Stryborgs - July 29 - 2min

Maria-Elena Tzanev: Empathy and patience are key in product management

Maria-Elena Tzanev, Product Manager at Stryber, talks about her day-to-day work life and what it takes to be successful as a product manager.

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Corporate innovation - May 3 - 5min

Survival of the Innovative - The Reign of Corporate Venture Building

Julian Ritter shares his insights on why we are just at the start of a new era in Corporate Venture Building.

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Corporate innovation - April 20 - 5min

The Crucial Role of Governance for the Success of Corporate Venturing

Jan shares his insights on why the right governance setup is so important for innovation efforts to be successful.

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Digital transformation - April 20 - 6min

Need for Speed - The Delivery Race among Grocery Startups

Exploring the hype of investing into instant grocery delivery with Dominic Mehr.

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Stryborgs - April 20 - 3min

Iman Uda: “No day is like the other” is what excites me most every day

Iman Uda, Venture Architect at Stryber, on what she enjoys the most about her daily work and what it really takes to be a Venture Architect.

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Stryborgs - February 7 - 3min

David Paez: The processes where I’ve failed, were the ones I learned the most from

David Paez, Lead Software Engineer & Architect at Stryber, on his definition of success, his biggest challenges, his role and passions.

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Venture Building Stryborgs - December 20 - 3min

Jonathan Liemann: Be curious, and always open to learn new things

Jonathan Liemann, Venture Architect at Stryber, on his definition of success, his biggest challenges, passions and where he get's his news from.

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Innovation strategy Innovation Digitization - July 19 - 7min

Innovation a case for specialists?

Companies are currently looking for ways to adapt their innovative capacity to the challenges of the future. That’s why corporations are increasingly setting up innovation labs.

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Corporate innovation Innovation - July 12 - 5min

Breeding Corporate Unicorns

The rise of corporate unicorns: Alex Mahr explains which values and principles are fundamental for shaping a company's future.

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Venture Building Product Management - March 25 - 2min

Peter Jegede: Stay curious and get comfortable with ambiguity

Peter Jegede shares insights about the daily life and challenges while building Ventures and explains how to stay curious, and what the business might look like in 3 years.

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Innovation Disruption Digitization Digital transformation - February 11 - 8min

The danger of economic disruption in Germany

Ben Shaw explains that German companies are by no means immune to disruption in the long term and should address innovation before it is too late

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Stryborgs Venture Building - February 4 - 5min

Christina Sier: Finding the best talent is definitely not a gut feeling

Christina is the Lead Talent Acquisition Manager at Stryber. Read how she managed the growth from 20 to over 100 people joining Stryber within the last 2 years

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Corporate innovation Digital strategy Digital transformation Innovation strategy Innovation Venture Building - January 15

The disruption of Insurance is already happening. It’s time to stop pretending that it’s not.

Ben Shaw explains how the insurance industry is about to be disrupted in Germany and why C-Level executives in the DACH region need to recognize the need to expand into broader lines of business

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Venture Building Stryborgs - January 14 - 5min

The heart of UX is empathy

Thais is Head of Design at Stryber. In this interview, she gives some insights about the importance of creativity in a data-driven world.

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Stryborgs Venture Building - December 7 - 5min

Matthieu Van Haperen: A venture is like your baby

Matthieu van Haperen is the Chief Venture Architect at Stryber. Read insights about life as a VA, its challenges and what keeps him excited about building Ventures.

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Digitization Venture Building - December 1 - 3min

Introducing the Matterhorn Design System

At Stryber we have built our own Matterhorn Design System, and it's free and open-sourced. Visit to take your projects to the next level

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Stryborgs Venture Building - November 23 - 3min

You need to be data driven

A Growth Marketer at Stryber, Christin gives insights about the challenges of working in a founding team and how to create impact in a changing environment.

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Venture Building Stryborgs - October 8 - 5min

Does PropTech impact the property management environment?

PropTech startups are disrupting the German real estate market. Read about the developments within the Manage & Operate segment in Germany and around the world.

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Innovation strategy Disruption Innovation - October 7 - 10min

Will Meat Alternatives Disrupt the Food System?

Read our predictions about the future of cultured meat and its potential disrupt the entire food industry

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Corporate innovation Innovation - August 28 - 10min

D2C: Why Food & Beverage Giants Need To Turn To This Model Before It Is Too Late

The rise of D2C models has often been referred to as “The Future of Retail”. While it is not new, many F&B manufacturers and retailers are still lagging behind.

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Digitization Innovation Real Estate - August 20 - 8min

VC Funding of German PropTech – Finance & Invest

Deep dive in the Finance & Invest segment of the real estate industry, and understand the funding landscape and the most dominating business models in there.

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Innovation Digitization Real Estate - August 12 - 8min

Real Estate Innovation in Germany: Startups Digitizing the Construction Industry

See how new startups are disrupting the entire Real Estate industry in Germany and read our predictions on the future of the industry.

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Corporate innovation Innovation - August 7 - 7min

Response to Capital Study on Corporate Innovation in 2020

Read our take about the Capital Study on Corporate Innovation in 2020

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Real Estate Innovation Digitization - July 22 - 10min

How PropTech is Disrupting the German Real Estate Market in 2020

Find out more about innovative PropTech startups in our full analysis of the innovation status in the German real estate market.

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Innovation Disruption - July 2 - 10min

The Future of Food – Innovative Foodtech Startups Creating A More Sustainable Food System

The Food and Beverage industry is actively undergoing collective change. With the industry facing its biggest challenges yet, new food startups are working on disruptive concepts to make nutrition more resourceful, efficient, and sustainable. 

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Digital strategy Corporate innovation Digitization Innovation strategy - June 12 - 5min

Digitization Framework 2020: Achieving Higher Efficiency and Growth

Discover the Digitization Framework 2020: A Strategic Approach to Digitization in 2020. Created by Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

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Corporate innovation Innovation Venture Building - April 23 - 10min

Startup Failure in Europe - Indepth Analysis

Startup success: Do nine out of ten startups really fail? An analysis by Stryber to share some insights on this topic and if accelerators increase the odds.

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Innovation Startups - April 17 - 5min

How company builders can help founders to get their startup off the ground

Discover how company builders eliminate typical starting problems of many founders.

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Venture Building HR - April 8 - 5min

Why you need to start with your company culture

Discover the importance of company culture and why we believe it is a prerequisite to building successful companies

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Venture Building Product Management - March 31 - 7min

Greenfield Product Management: Fantasy vs. Reality

Read the differences between working on new and established products and see which type would fit you best.

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Product Management Venture Building - March 11 - 8min

How to conduct product discovery when building MVPs

See how to de-risk your ideas in less than 2 weeks during product discovery to build impactful products.

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Product Management Venture Building - February 25 - 5min

I turned my grooming session into a workshop

Discover how to run faster and more efficient grooming sessions so you can build better products.

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Corporate innovation Venture Building HR - February 12

5 Ways to Avoid Office Politics

Discover how to avoid internal office games and create a positive environment at the company level.

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Product Management - February 10 - 3min

The room where it happens

How (and why) to democratize decision making in your dev team.

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Startups Product Management - January 27

A Product Manager is a coach

Gain a better understanding of the role of PM by taking a look at the world of sports.

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Innovation strategy Corporate innovation Venture Building Disruption Innovation - December 29

The case against Corporate Venture Capital

Discover why we believe Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) cannot yield successful results when it comes to strategic corporate innovation.

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Corporate innovation Innovation Disruption Digitization Digital transformation Venture Building - November 15 - 7min

The great myths of corporate innovation

Read how Stryber's co-founder debunks the 8 myths of corporate innovation, and the alternative we propose.

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Corporate innovation Innovation Disruption Digital transformation Venture Building Innovation strategy Digital strategy - November 15 - 7min

Navigating Corporate Innovation

A new structured way to evaluate, run and optimize corporate innovation for C-Level and strategy managers.

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Startups Design - October 4 - 10min

Stryber Rebranding Insights

Follow our designer Yuri along his journey to rebrand Stryber.

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Innovation strategy Corporate innovation Innovation Disruption Digitization Digital transformation Digital strategy - September 24

Why Thomas Cook failed (the Digital Transformation)

Discover how Thomas Cook, one of the largest company of its time, went bankrupt for failing to digitally transform itself.

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Corporate innovation Digital strategy Innovation Digitization Disruption Digital transformation - November 6

Why Kuoni failed (the digital transformation)

Discover how Kuoni's failure to digitally transform themselves has led to an inevitable bankruptcy.

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